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Cisco Networking Academies

In collaboration with Cisco Int’l NetAcad, BRAINS-TEC (Technology Enterprise Centre- an enduring initiative of the BRAINS institute) is imparting globally recognised training & development programs and institutional & career development services. We are soliciting the expressions of interest (EoIs) from relevant professionals and organisations to work as franchise partners for providing different services under the Cisco Int’l Academy Support and Instructor’s Training (ASC-ITC) Program.

Cisco Inc. is a global industry leader in IT, Telecom and Networking, which offers the highest level of training programs having an immense demand:
  • The demand for Cisco Certified Professionals is growing day by day – there is a global shortage of 3 million cyber security professionals;
  • Cisco training courses are internationally recognized and provide access to global job markets;
  • These courses feature applied learning and access to the Cisco Int`l online portal – NetAcad, with a special 70% discount coupon.

Expressions of Interest (EoIs) as per the below mentioned registration form are invited from all concerned professionals and organisations under the following categories:

Startups / Professional Affiliates

A professional affiliate is entitled to the following advantages:

  • Certified Trainer Status
  • Chances for Career Growth
  • Training and Development
  • Possibility for Startup Support Benefits
  • Flexible Financial Benefits
  • Collaboration with Multiple Institutions
  • Access to Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Portals

Institutional Startups & Accelerator Program

This category offers a range of benefits to institutions, including but not limited to the


  • Standardized Course contents / curriculum
  • Business Plan
  • Quality Training Manuals
  • Starting of Second Shift Evening Programs
  • Enterprise development
  • Enterprise development
  • Advertising and Marketing

BRAINSTEC / Cisco Networking Academy Program

The following benefits can be secured by an academy:

  • Establishment of Professional Academy Setup
  • Trainings Catalogue
  • Networking with Clients
  • Highly Progressive Business Prospects
  • Global Recognition & Certifications

Purpose :

The purpose of a TOT (Training of Trainers) and startup program for individuals is typically to develop their skills and knowledge in a specific area so that they can effectively train others in that same area. The mission and vision of a TOT/Startup program will depend on the specific goals of the program;


  • To train individuals to become competent trainers in a specific field or subject matter.
  • To improve the quality of training in a specific industry or sector by developing a pool of highly skilled trainers.
  • To equip trainers with the tools, resources, and knowledge they need to effectively transfer their expertise to others.


  • To create a network of highly skilled trainers who can effectively transfer their knowledge and skills to others, thereby improving the overall quality of education and training in a specific industry or sector.
  • To promote lifelong learning and continuous professional development by providing individuals with the tools and resources they need to become effective trainers and educators.
  • To contribute to the development of a skilled and knowledgeable workforce by ensuring that trainers have the skills, knowledge, and resources they need to effectively train others.

What Qualification for TOT?

  1. To become a qualified trainer through a TOT/Startup  program, typically one would need to have extensive knowledge and expertise in the subject matter they will be teaching. In addition, they should possess strong communication and presentation skills, as well as the ability to engage and motivate their learners.
  2. The specific qualifications and requirements for a TOT/Startup program may vary depending on the program and the industry or field in which the training will take place. However, some common requirements for TOT/Startup programs include:
  3. A bachelor's or master's degree in a relevant field.
  4. Several years of experience working in the field or industry.
  5. Strong presentation, facilitation, and communication skills.
  6. The ability to adapt to different learning styles and abilities.
  7. A passion for teaching and helping others succeed.
  8. A certified TOT and login & MIS knowledge  
  9. If you're interested in becoming a trainer through a TOT program, you should research the specific requirements and qualifications for the program you're interested in and assess whether you have the necessary skills and experience to be successful.

 Specifically, the qualifications required to become a successful TOT in IT might include:

  1. Technical expertise: You should have in-depth knowledge and experience with the specific IT technologies or tools you are teaching, as well as a solid understanding of related concepts such as IT Essential, CICSO certifications, coding, software development, cybersecurity, and IT infrastructure.
  2. Teaching experience: You should have experience designing and delivering training programs, as well as a strong understanding of learning principles and teaching methodologies. This might include experience as an instructor, trainer, or facilitator, or experience in instructional design or curriculum development. To teach and train on behalf of TOT hub through BRAINS hub portal.
  3. Training credentials: You may also need to obtain specific certifications or credentials in order to teach certain IT topics or technologies. For example, you may need to hold certifications in areas such as Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT), Cisco Certified Systems Instructor (CCSI), or Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).
  4. Communication and presentation skills: As a TOT in IT, you should be able to effectively communicate complex technical concepts to learners with varying levels of technical knowledge. This might include skills such as public speaking, presentation design, and the ability to adapt your teaching style to different learning styles.
  5. Overall, becoming a successful TOT in IT requires a combination of technical expertise, teaching experience, and training credentials. It also requires a commitment to ongoing learning and professional development in order to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and teaching methodologies.

What benefits to TOT/Individual Startup?

For ToT collective benefits could include:

  1. Access to new or advanced technology that can improve efficiency and productivity, reduce costs, or create new products and services.
  2. Acquisition of specialized knowledge and expertise that can enhance the capabilities and competitiveness of the recipient organization or country.
  3. Increased capacity for innovation and development, as the transfer of technology can stimulate creativity and inspire new ideas.
  4. Potential for collaboration and partnerships between the transferring and receiving parties, leading to mutually beneficial outcomes and sustainable development.

For individual startups, the benefits could include:

  1. As a certified trainer, you can access the institution's portal to conduct classes.
  2. You can access the complete LMS system remotely to obtain learning materials.
  3. The portal allows for class formation, progress tracking, and exam administration.
  4. Opportunity to pursue a unique idea or vision, with the potential for significant financial rewards and personal fulfillment.
  5. Flexibility and autonomy in terms of work schedule, location, and decision-making.
  6. Potential to create jobs and contribute to the local economy, as well as making a positive impact on society through the development of new products or services.
  7.   ToT/Startup have the option to use BRAINS-TEC labs and resources on a shared basis.
Application and registration ( Apply Now)

To apply for an individual startup, follow the application process below:

  1. Access the designated online form by clicking on "Apply Now"
  2. Your profile will be reviewed within 7 days of submitting the online form. If you are a certified ToT trainer, you will be enrolled in the second round of the startup program; if not, you will be registered as a trainee for the ToT program at BRAINS-TEC.
  3. You and BRAINS-TEC will need to sign a signup agreement.Your startup will be further developed and connected to a portal login, which includes (but is not limited to):
  • Formation of classes
  • Access to the LMS
  • Provision of fees and vouchers
  • Conduct of exams
  • Forwarding of certification requests
  1. Profit-sharing will occur at the end of each month.

After being admitted to the TOT program, it will be necessary for you to finish the training and satisfy any supplementary conditions. This might entail participating in workshops, collaborating with seasoned trainers, and finishing assignments or evaluations.

Given that the enrollment process for TOT for IT can be quite competitive, it is crucial to meticulously examine the program requirements and submit a compelling application. Additionally, staying current with the newest developments and optimal methodologies in your field of specialization is important to ensure that you are fully equipped to take part in TOT programs.

Post-event startup career.

  1. To ensure the delivery of top-notch training programs, a ToT startup would require experienced trainers, to possess expertise in the subject matter being taught, as well as in training methodologies and learning management systems (LMS).
  2. A curriculum developer plays a crucial role in a ToT startup, as you are responsible for designing comprehensive and effective training curricula for educational institutions such as schools and colleges, and integrating them with NetAcad/LMS to ensure that learners acquire the necessary knowledge and skills. They must create the training materials, which include lesson plans, presentations, and assessments. These should be mapped with the Institutional curriculum. 
  3. Program manager is essential to the success of a ToT startup, as you oversee the development, delivery, and evaluation of training programs. To excel in this role, one would need to possess strong organizational, project management, and educational institution management skills, as well as a thorough understanding of the training industry and best practices.
  1. A ToT startup would also require sales and marketing professionals to effectively promote BRAINS-TEC/NetAcad services and attract potential clients such as educational institutions.
  2. A ToT startup may also provide franchise opportunities to individuals who aspire to start their own training businesses using the startup's methodology and resources.
Financial Benefits : 
  1. A Training of Trainers (ToT)/ startup can benefit financially in several ways, such as earning income from training fee charged to; Students, individuals, corporate clients, schools, colleges, and government institutions.
  2.  Royalties paid to the BRAINS-TEC can provide ongoing support, training, and marketing assistance to help the startup grow. 
  3. Repeat business from training programs can establish long-term relationships with clients and generate repeat business.
  4.  The startup can benefit from the brand recognition and reputation of BRAINS-TEC, attracting new clients and increasing credibility. 
  5. Cost savings can be achieved through leveraging the BRAINS-TECH's purchasing power to negotiate better deals with certification bodies such as CISCO, Microsoft, Oracle, etc. Additionally, offering a variety of training programs can reduce dependence on a single source of income, diversifying revenue streams.
  6. ToT/Startup have the option to use BRAINS-TEC labs and resources on a shared basis. 
Income Ratio:
  1. In general, the BRAINS-TEC may require the ToT Startup to pay a percentage of their revenue as royalties, which can range from 20% to 30% or more. However, in exchange for paying royalties, the BRAINS-Tec typically provides ongoing support, training, and marketing assistance to help the ToT Startup grow their business.
  2. The exact income ratio sharing will be outlined in the franchise/Startup agreement, and it's important for potential ToT Startup  to carefully review and understand the terms before signing. It's also a good idea to consult with a lawyer or financial advisor to ensure that the agreement is fair and reasonable.

Delivery of Training to Clients 

  1. To effectively provide training to clients such as students, schools, colleges, and institutions, it is important to first understand their requirements and needs. This includes identifying their goals, expectations, and any particular areas of concern they may have. By doing so, the training can be customized to meet their specific needs, and the learning management system (LMS) can be aligned with their curriculum.
  2. After obtaining a complete understanding of the client's requirements, the subsequent step is to formulate a training plan that outlines the training objectives, the topics that will be covered, and the training format (in-person, online, lab practice, webinar, etc.). Furthermore, it is important to include any necessary materials, such as handouts, slides, or videos, in the training plan.
  3. After finalizing the training plan, the next step is to schedule the training session(s) with the client. It is crucial to take into account the client's availability, time zone, and any other factors that may affect their ability to attend the training.
  4. When delivering the training, make sure to arrive early on the training day and set up any required equipment, such as a computer or projector. Present the training in a clear and succinct manner, incorporating visual aids and interactive exercises to keep the clients engaged. Additionally, it is important to address any queries or concerns they may have during the training.
  5. Post-training, it is essential to follow up with the client to confirm that they have comprehended the material covered and can apply it efficiently. It may be useful to gather feedback on the training to improve future sessions.


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