Who We Are ?


Established in 1993, BRAINS Institute has achieved a distinguished status for fulfilling the emerging needs of modern learning & development in rapidly changing world. It is a premier Degree Awarding Institute (DAI), recognised by the Higher Education Commission (HEI) and chartered by the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in the disciplines of Information Technology (IT), Management Sciences and Engineering & Technology.


Aiming at digital transformation, BRAINSTEC is an enduring initiative of BRAIN Institute for imparting the education and training in contemporary hi-tech knowledge fields. It is dedicated to developing the confidence in youth & students to succeed through transformative learning experiences. As a smart learning center, it strives to prepare the future leaders through access to technology resources and organizations for education, training, internship, and employment.


BRAINSTEC acts as ‘Center for Digital Transformation’ and will be the premier resource for information and capacity building on the digital transformation for both individuals and institutions.


The BRAINSTEC is dedicated to the promotion of essential role of digital technologies in accomplishing three fundamental transformations required for success in the global marketplace:

  1. Individual transformation to create effective human capital in a changing global environment;
  2. Business & industry transformation to promote competitiveness, productivity, innovation and growth in the global marketplace;
  3. Societal transformation to build a sustainable global society.

Zafar Ullah Khan


First of all. I welcome you to the BRAINSTEC – an IT platform of BRAINS Institute for digital transformation!

It is a privilege to lead such a premier institution of higher learning. During our three decades of sustained growth, the BRAINS Institute has worked diligently in developing contemporary facilities, academic curricula and international linkages, while nurturing diverse talents for   the students at this part of the country. Our core ambition is to nurture and groom young fertile brains through experiential learning. For us, the high priority is to strengthen BRAINS in emerging fields of science and technology that will have a major impact on society.


BRAINSTEC will harness the interdisciplinary knowledge and skills for technological advancement of both individuals and institutions to:

Promote dialogue among technology executives, users, and other stakeholders about the transformation aspects of digital technologies;

Advocate the key role of digital technologies as a driver for organizational effectiveness and society’s betterment;

Enlighten and educate students, educational institutes and organizations about the benefits of socially responsible digital technology;

Build a bridge across individuals, organizations, and society at large, and the advocates of digital technology for knowledge transfer and use.